What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Our propane gas bills for the entire hotel are less than $200 a month at 95% occupancy. Incredible!”
John Wynne Boyette – House Hotel, Ocracoke, NC

“Our solar hot water system has been operating for over 18 years now and it still heats our hot water to 150 degrees F”.
Mr. Patterson – Virginia Beach, VA

“I don’t have to do the macho thing anymore by getting into a cold pool”.
Mr. Robert Forrest – Virginia Beach, VA

“The pool was so warm at the end of September we had steam rising from it one evening!”
Mary Holland – Fulton, MD

“On April 26th when your installation was complete, our pool was 60 degrees F. Two and a half days later, it was 82 degrees F!”
Mr. Don Huff – Lucust Grove, VA

“Solar systems have put a huge dent in our utility bills.”
Mr. Humphries – Chesapeake, VA

“Solar cells have provided me with quiet, clean electricity for my motor home for years”.
Earl Farley – Manchester, NH