What we do

Solar Electricity/Photovoltaic-Solar electric panels are mounted on the roof or on a ground rack. The photons of the sun generate DC electricity in the panels and the inverter changes the DC electricity into useable AC electricity for your home or business. Systems are designed to meet your needs and in most cases eliminating your annual electric bill completely. No maintenance required. Qualifies For a Federal Tax Credit

Solar Swimming Pool Heating– Solar pool heating panels are mounted to the roof or a ground rack. In the spring and summer months roof shingles can get to 150 degrees fahrenheit. As cold pool water runs through the solar panels, it gets heated up and warm water returns back to the pool. It extends your season and is fully automatic.

Solar Water Heaters/Solar Thermal-Never run out of hot water again. Pair an 80 or 120 gallon solar pre heat tank with your existing water heater. The solar panels heat the solar tank which reduces the load on your conventional water heater thus saving you  energy and money. Up to 35% of your monthly energy bill is from heating water. Qualifies For a Federal Tax Credit.

Solar Attic Fans-Venting hot air out of your attic keeps energy bills down and prolongs the life of your roof. Solar attic fans pull hot air from the attic making your HVAC work less. With a built in thermal switch the fan will only run when the attic space is above 90℉. Qualifies For a Federal Tax Credit

E.V. Charging Stations-Electric Vehicle Charging stations provide fast charging and are customized to your needs. Commercial or residential charging stations of all types can be installed in as little as one day. From design to installation, permitting and inspection, it’s all fully included.